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I'm a polymer clay artist, creating jewelry (pins, earrings, necklaces), desk accessories and much more. This page shows a metal wire and polymer clay jewelry technique I developed in 1990. It consists of a hand-shaped metal wire frame which is wrapped with very fine wire, pressed into a sheet of clay and trimmed. Then I decorate the surface by building up thin layers of clay, sculpting a little bit and/or adding metallic powders or foil and found objects. Most of my pins measure about two inches and earrings are approximately one inch. Earrings come with a 14 Karat gold-filled hoop unless requested otherwise.

Please note: Any work included for sale in the Quirkworks online retail catalog will be marked by a price under the image. Clicking on the name of the item will take you to that item in the catalog. Quirkworks accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express online through a secure connection. If you prefer other methods of ordering, mail in our order form, call 360.352.4701 or fax 360.709.9669. Thanks!

Wire and Polymer Clay Jewelry Page One




Owl Pin

Otter Pin

Raven Pin








Beaver Pin

Frog Pin

Seahorse Pin








Duck Pin

Cat Pin

Moose Pin




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